About El Paso Children's

We care for kids.

 Selfie day at Therapeutic ArtsThere are over 5,750 hospitals in the United States, but fewer than 250 specialize in pediatrics. El Paso Children's is the only separately licensed,
Joint Commission certified, pediatric hospital in El Paso solely dedicated to pediatric care.  


For kids, it is best to be treated at a children's hospital where there are pediatric specialists and a kid-friendly atmosphere. The 122 bed academic teaching hospital features a state-of-the-art environment entirely designed for kids, including:

NICU mama and baby

Since opening in February of 2012, the specialized care at El Paso Children's has already impacted one in three El Paso children. 

Due to the overwhelming success in pediatric physician recruitment by El Paso Children's, the number of pediatric specialists in El Paso has quadrupled providing an unprecedented quality and quantity of specialized pediatric care never before seen in El Paso.  Over 85 board certified pediatric specialists representing 26 pediatric specialties provide a complement of coordinated care. 

Private patient rooms, the most spacious in El Paso,are designed to 
comfort and accomodate the needs of sick and injured children and their families. 

Private rooms include:

  • 26" TV with Skylight System featuring dedicated children’s programming, games, patient education and quick feedback method to communicate questions or needs
  • Family Zone features a roll-out sofa bed and a convertible chair sleeper for overnight stays
  • Spacious bathrooms and easy access showers
  • Desk area to accomodate homework as needed
  • Space for storage and personal belongings
  • Each floor of private rooms also features a Playroom where kids can just be kids. 
  • Stunning panoramic views of El Paso
  • Sleep under the stars night light
  • Access to the Junior League of El Paso Inc. Family Resource Center for research, reading, entertainment, community support and a welcome change of pace.
  • Access to the Enchanted Forest for sibling playtime
  • And, most importantly, a dedicated staff of nurses and caregivers who get up in the morning for no other reason than to make your child better.

Since 2009, El Paso Children's Hospital Foundation
has provided over $11.5 million dollars in medical equipment, family care grants and training to El Paso Children's Hospital.