About our Patients

Amazing kids with inspiring stories are something we see every day at El Paso Children's Hospital. Each day there are moving and miraculous stories of courage, hope and healing, made possible by a team of dedicated physicians and caregivers who get up in the morning for no other reason than to make someone better.

Gino Quezada "Bulldozer"

Thirteen month old Gino Quezada is known as Bulldozer by his large family of relatives. Last Thanksgiving, the Quezada family who includes Gina and Aaron, his parents, along with his siblings decided to walk to their maternal grandparents’ house since it was only one block from where they lived. As soon as they arrived, requests to hold Gino erupted from the festive group.




Christina Lara

Christina Lara's cancer had spread to her spine. Dr. Chetan Moorthy, a pediatric interventional radiologist at El Paso Children's Hospital, performed a minimally invasive radiofrequency ablation (RFA) procedure that saved her from serious surgery with longer recovery.





Jesse Hannan

Jesse suffered an epileptic seizure and hit his head. He was brought to the Trauma Center for a checkup.  During his analysis they discovered anomalies. Thanks to the team work between Pediatric Hospitalist Dr. Bert Johansson, Pediatric Oncologist, Dr. Benjamin Carcamo and Pediatric Radiologist, Dr. Chetan Morthy, Jesse was promptly diagnosed with leukemia. His disease was discovered in it's first stage. Because his leukemia was discovered at such an early stage he has a very high probabilities of being remission very soon. 




Ana Posada

Five year old Ana was traveling with her family on her way to Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua in Mexico. They lost control of the car and they rolled over. Ana broke her spine and couldn't walk anymore. She was transported to the nearest hospital in Chihuahua but doctors in that hospital said there was nothing they could do. Her mother brought her to El Paso Children's Hospital and thanks to a surgery by Dr. Herzog, Ana started to walk again. Doctors call it a true medical miracle.  



Vianey Hernandez

Vianey started to have fevers when her Mother Viridiana took her to a near hiospital. Doctors diagnosed thebaby with a stomach virus and discharged her. A few day later, Vianey was getting sicker, so her mother decided to bring her daughter to El Paso Children's Hospital where pediatric specialists diagnosed Vianey with a Diafragmic hernia. Because of her condition, her small intestine went all the way up her lung. Thanks to an operation from Pediatric Surgeon Dr. William Spurbeck Vianey is still alive and fully recovered.




Savannah Apodaca

Savannah had barely turned ten years ago when her mother passed away.  A few days after her mother's funeral, Savannah started to have serious headaches. She was brought to El Paso Children's Hospital where she was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a malignant brain tumor. After several surgeries, radiation therapies and almost two years of chemotherapies, Savannah was declared in remission. She needed specialized rehabilitation care to recover.




Alejandra Marquez

Alejandra had a normal teenager's life. She was about to finish her Junior year in High school when she started noticing something different in her body. She was very tired during the whole day, every day. Her Mother took her to the doctor who referred her to El Paso Children's Hospital where she was diagnosed with leukemia at age 17. Because of her age, she was considered a high risk patient. Thanks to the COG Certified, EPCH Oncology unit, Alejandra is winning in her journey.



Luna Ramirez

Luna turned three years old when her mother Jazmin started to noticed little bruises on her daughter's body. She decided to bring Luna to El Paso Children's Hospital where whe was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. During one of her chemotherapy sessions, Luna decided to cash her piggy bank and purchase toys for her friends that are hospitalized at El Paso Children's Hospital.




Ian Banks

Ian banks was two and a half year old when he was diagnosed with leukemia, a disease that attacks the body’s blood cells, which are crucial in fighting off blood infections.  Ian’s Mother, Irma never imagined that her son was going to be fighting cancer. "We didn’t think that it could happen to us, in our family.  Now we know that leukemia doesn’t discriminate.  After the shock we knew that we had to fight for him. We needed to keep him in a positive environment."
To win against this disease, Ian spent the next three and a half years, receiving weekly chemotherapy treatments at El Paso Children’s hospital hematology-oncology clinic, where advanced care is provided to children with cancerous diseases of the blood.

Paci Nevarez

In less than 15 months, Paci's life was saved twice by the Pediatric Intensivist in the PICU at El Paso Children's Hospital. The first time Paci was kicked in the head by a horse. She was transported by plane from her hometown in Deming, New Mexico. The second time  she was playing with her grandfather's anvil when a piece of iron broke off and flew through the air severing a main artery in her neck.   Paci is back again playing and having adventures in her grandfathers ranch.