Donor Impact

As a donor it is important to be able to measure the impact of gifts large and small.  

donor impact

Donations to El Paso Children's Hospital impact generations of children to come, medical education, jobs, economic development and have already affected historic change in the level of pediatric care in the Greater El Paso/Southwest region. 

Sheer numbers.

The lives of 1 out of every 3 El Paso children have already been impacted by the life-saving pediatric specialty care at El Paso Children's Hospital.  That means 1 out of every 2 El Paso families were able to see their child through a medical crisis right here at home near the support of family and friends.

A higher level of care.

It is already hard to remember what it was like when there were only nineteen pediatric specialists seeing our children here in El Paso.  In most specialties, there was only one physician, driving between four hospitals, on call for themselves 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Many specialties were not represented at all.  Each of the nineteen specialists had been recruited to El Paso with the promise of a children's hospital during one of the four previous unsuccessful attempts. 

Today, there are over eighty board certified pediatric specialists at El Paso Children's.  For most specialties there are now multiple physicians, so they can be on call for each other - be a doctor, saves lives, and still have a life.

Before El Paso Children's, there was no separately licensed, dedicated pediatric specialty hospital.

Before El Paso Children's, there was no certified COG - Children's Oncology Group, offering the latest pediatric cancer research and protocols (the same as St. Jude) for our children right here at home.

Before El Paso Children's, there were no pediatric anesthesiologists.  Today there are three.

Before El Paso Children's, there were no pediatric hospitalists.  Today there are nine.

Before El Paso Children's, there was only one pediatric interventional radiologist.  Today there are three.

Before El Paso Children's there was only one pediatric surgeon.  Today there are three pediatric surgeons and four pediatric orthopedic surgeons.

Before El Paso Children's, there was only one pediatric intensivists. Today there are ten.

Before El Paso Children's, there was only one pediatric endocrinologist with an 18 month wait time.  Today there are five pediatric endocrinologists.

Before El Paso Children's, there was no dedicated Pediatric Pharmacy with board certified Pediatric Pharmacists.

Before El Paso Children's, there was no Brown Center for Pediatric Audiology, Speech and Development.

Before El Paso Children's, there was no Center for Prevention of Child Abuse.

Before El Paso Children's, there was no dedicated Pediatric Transport team.

Before El Paso Children's, there was no dedicated Pediatric Emergency Department staffed by board certified pediatric emergency medicine physicians.

Every penny of your gift stays right here at home. 

Your gifts make a difference! Every penny counts toward protecting our children's health.  To see your gifts at work just take a look at the following key Foundation objectives.  Donations can be designated to the "Area of Greatest Need" or mission driven dedicated to one of the following worthy programs.


Donors Make a Difference 

Human Milk Bank Feasability Study, $34,212.50

Donor Impact

Programs of Focus

Cure Kids' Cancer

Many types of children's cancers today enjoy a better than 85% cure rate due to clinical trials done through COGs.  The only certified COG (Children's Oncology Group) in El Paso, El Paso Children's cancer kids and their families face up to three year regimens of chemo and radiation and hundreds of trips to the infusion center and often multiple hospital stays. 

Your gifts to Cure Kids' Cancer provides support to families in need and the many wonderful services provided by El Paso Children's to these families who deserve all the support we can provide. 

Center of Excellence for the Prevention of Child Abuse

Entirely funded through donor gifts and a MEDCARES grant(Texas Department of Human Services, Medical Child Abuse Resources and Education System), El Paso Children's Center for Prevention of Child Abuse, the only comprehensive child abuse service in El Paso, serves almost 1000 children and their families who are coping with the devastating life-long effects of this serious issue.  

Donor gifts assist in creating a welcoming environment, support education and training, provide forensic equipment, and represent a gradually increasing match required for grant support. 

Pediatric Diabetes Education

Pediatric Diabetes Education Fund supports diabetes awareness and education, assists families in need, provides continuing education, and social activities through Summer Diabetes Education Camps for children and their families.  Children with chronic medical conditions often feel isolated and overwhelmed by diabetes care. 

Camps provide a unique experience to interact with children who have similar challenges and enjoy a healthy mix of play, education and positive peer interaction.  This initiative is entirely donor funded.


 Child Life Program

There is not an area of the hospital untouched by the effects of the Child Life Program.  Unsure new admissions, nervous children waiting for a procedure or exam, a fearful child and heading to surgery, a bed-ridden child bored for something to do, a child and family trying to comprehend a life-changing diagnosis, all are impacted by the services of Child Life Specialists. 

The tools of the Child Life Specialist are educational and developmental toys and supplies for activities that support communication and coping skills.  Donations to the Child Life Program support everything but staffing.

Therapeutic Arts

The Therapeutic Arts program at El Paso Children's is entirely funded through designated grants and donor gifts. Patients at El Paso Children's have an opportunity to learn the joy of creative activity while learning about art and artists.  While all children have an opportunity to participate the Therapeutic Arts Program, it is particularly beneficial to long term patients who may be in the hospital for months at a time, oncology patients or PICU patients recovering from traumatic accidents or complex surgeries.

Children have the opportunity to work on their own art pieces several times a week tutored by dedicated Arts Guide.  Often producing budding artists for life, this program is entirely funded by the Foundation.

Borderless Giving Fund

Borderless Giving ia a designated fund for children of Mexican citizenship who require care at El Paso Children's Hospital for specific orthopedic conditions that are still prevalent on the US/Mexico border often due to poor pre-natal care:  club hand, club foot, web hand, hip dysplasias and more. 

Donors who designate their gifts to Borderless Giving are changing the lives of children with debilitating disabilities...forever.

Not everyone has money to give.  Time is just as important.  Organize a diaper or blanket drive or put together a "Bundle of Love".  Service projects play a key role in supporting the needs of our patients and families. 

Still one of the top 100 poorest communities in the United States, with one out of every 4 families living below the Federal Poverty Level (about $18,500 for a family of four) young El Paso families welcoming their new addition face huge challenges. 

NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Moms face special challenges going home with their tiny newborn for the first time following specialized care. Some new Moms have nothing for their baby but the blanket or onesie they are in when they leave.