Childrens Miracle Network

Every dollar raised in El Paso stays in El Paso.

Since 2009, Children's Miracle Network in El Paso has raised over $2,000,000 dollars,  almost entirely raised a dollar or two at a time by caring individuals through hundreds of year round campaigns by local merchants. 

Donations to Children’s Miracle Network provide local babies and children with the life-saving care and crucial services they need.

So the next time a cashier asks, "Would you donate a $1 to Children's Miracle Network?", remember... somewhere... right now... there is a parent sitting next to their child's bed praying for a miracle.

You help make those miracles happen.

Put your money where the miracles are.

Every dollar you contribute to Children's Miracle Network stays right here at home to provide specialized medical care, equipment, research and education for critically ill or injured children at El Paso Children's Hospital.


On behalf of every parent who has had a sick or injured child at El Paso Children's Hospital, we say, "Thank you!" to our corporate sponsors, "Thank you!"all the cashiers and "Thank you!" to every donor who took time out of their busy day to participate in the Miracle Balloon Campaign.