El Paso Childrens Foundation

 A higher level of care for El Paso's children.

Already, one in three El Paso children have benefitted by the expert care provided by the physicians and staff at El Paso Children's Hospital who do what they do because...they love caring for kids.

Santiago goes home.

What has changed is that with each passing year treatments improve, medicines improve, and outcomes improve.  Who has that specialized knowledge?  Pediatric specialists and a bevy of professional caregivers who all get up in the morning for no other reason than to make some child better.

For El Paso's sickest children, better care means more pediatric specialists and more pediatric specialties.  In 2007, there were only nineteen pediatric specialists treating kids in El Paso.  That meant only one of most specialties and many specialties not represented at all.  For those families with resources, it was simpler.  Pick up and fly your child far away from home, away from family, friends and loving support, somewhere, anywhere, where they could get the care they needed.   For those El Paso families not so fortunate, it was more complicated. The stories were heartbreaking of families borrowing or scraping together enough money to place a sick child in the back seat of a car with a blanket and pillow for a long drive far away from family and friends just hoping they were heading to the right place and the right doctor that could make their child well.

El Paso Children's changed all that. 


El Paso Children's Foundation is dedicated to providing support for the tools, the resources, the equipment and the care that makes El Paso Children's Hospital a special place.

   Here's how we make a difference.

As a donor, there is a question in the back of every donor's mind with every check written...with every dollar donated...will my donation really make a difference?  Am I really having an impact? Yes!

  • Every penny donated to El Paso Children's Foundation stays right here at home.
  • El Paso Children's specialty services have already impacted one out of every two El Paso children.
  • One out of every four El Paso families live below the Federal Poverty Level.  Some of those kids would not get specialty care if it were not for El Paso Children's.
  • Over 3500 cancer and hematology kids are receiving the latest protocols through El Paso Children's hematology/oncology unit.
  • Since 2009, through the support of generous donors from every walk of life, El Paso Children's Foundation has raised almost $12 million dollars through over 80,000 donations large and small from events, grants, major gifts, pledges, and merchant balloon campaigns to provide medical equipment,  training, therapeutic art program, child life, public education about child abuse, diabetes, asthma, and family care grants. 

Every sick kid deserves the best care possible. 
With your help, they will receive it. 


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