Borderless Giving Fund

Dedicated to Children of Mexican Citizenship who require care at El Paso Children's Hospital for specific orthopedic conditions. 

Borderless Giving - before and afterBLG - before and afterBLG - before and afterBLG - before and afterBLG- PablitoBLG - Margarita and childBLG - Dr. Abd

These children aren't 3000 miles away.  They aren't 300 miles away.  They aren't 30 miles away.  They are three miles away and they need your help.  

Due to poor prenatal care there is still a prevalence of club hand, club foot, web hand, hip dysplasias and similar orthopedic conditions on the border. 

Through designated gifts to the Borderless Giving Campaign, children are able to receive state of the art life changing care through skilled orthopedic surgeons at El Paso Children's Hospital. 

If one orthopedic procedure can help a child hold a pencil, stay in school, ride a bicycle, keep them from injuring themselves...then it is worthwhile. 



BLG Margarita For more information, contact Margarita Enriquez, Borderless Giving Program Manager, 915-521-7229, ext. 80535, Your donation can change a life forever. Click here to Donate Now.

Click here to learn about the children. 





Borderless Giving is a designated fund through University Medical Center Foundation and its sister organization, Fundacion UMC de Mexico, IASP.  Donations are tax deductible in the U.S. or Mexico. For tax deductible donations in México please contact Margarita Enriquez at (915)996-4015 or at +52(656)257-1335.


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