About our Donors

We are grateful to each and every donor who has helped to make El Paso Children's Hospital a unique healing environment. 

 We have been blessed with thousands dollars of donations.  And that doesn't even include the hundreds of thousands of people who said "Yes" and donated a dollar at a time through a Children's Miracle Network balloon campaign. We are fortunate to know and work with many of you through campaign pledges, annual events, service projects and community third party events benefiting El Paso Children's Hospital.

Mission driven philanthropy.  Gifts at work.

Know that every dollar you give stays right here in El Paso to support the programs and services at El Paso Children's Hospital. 

Milagro Campaign

The Milagro Campaign is a naming rights campaign that allows individuals, families, companies, community organizations or foundations to name a specific room, floor or program.

Milagro Campaign pledges support major programs and initiatives and provide a welcoming note of "We are here for you!" over the years as family after family bring their hopes of a healthy life for their child through the door of each room. Pledges can be made all at once or, depending on the amount, spread over several years. Anyone who places their name on an area in the hospital also receives their name on the main donor recognition area for "Miracle Makers" in the main corridor of the shared Lobby. 

For a hospital tour or more information, please contact 915-521-7229.

Milagro Gala

Milagro Gala 2019
First held in 2011, while El Paso Children's was still under construction, the first Milagro Gala headlined by Edward James Olmos maxed out the Camino Real Ballroom with over 750 attendees. 

Moved to the El Paso Convention Center in 2012 with featured speaker America Ferrara, the event has seen continued growth.

Over 1000 enthusiastic attendees greeted featured speaker Dan Rather in 2013.  And when 2014 scheduled featured speaker Maya Angelou fell ill two days before Gala, Jane Seymour graciously stepped in to the delight of the more 1100 attendees who raised over $200,000 to benefit El Paso Children's.  A true Gala, this signature formal event continues to grow though attendance, sponsorships, a unique Silent Auction and a Live Auction featuring a real auctioneer.

Children's Miracle Network Balloon Campaigns

Sometimes the most meaningful acts are the simple ones.  Over 500,000 El Pasoans each year say "Yes!" to their favorite casher at Sam's, Walmarts, Costco, Walgreens, The Corner Store and hundreds of other locations.  All those dollars add up to big dollars.  Children's Miracle Network has contributed over $2 million dollars in equpment and services to El Paso Children's Hospital. 

Everywhere you see this CMN balloon icon you can know that CMN donations, often a $1 a time made it happen.

Children's Miracle Network Events

Entravision CMN Hispanic Radiothon

Community partner Entravision hosts the annual 3 Day radiothon featuring hours of unique program sharing life-saving stories and live community leaders, doctors, families and other guests who pledge their money and their time Un Millon Para los Niños. 



Service Projects

One of our most popular service projects, Change for Kids adds up fast.  Set a group goal and a designated time period to collect spare change from family, friends and associates.

You can even designate your donation to the area of your choice, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the Therapeutic Art Program or Cure Kids' Cancer for example. For more information, go to Change for Kids.  This web driven event allows you to register your invidvidual event, or create teams, invite friends and family and let them know how you are progressing.

Third Party Events

From family reunions to company events to six year old birthday parties and school or club fundraisers, naming El Paso Children's as your beneficiary means that your gift benefits sick and injured children right here in your own community.

For information on how to register your event for permission to use El Paso Children's logo to promote email foundation@elpasochildrens.org.

...and you!  You just sent us a check in the mail for no reason at all!

 You made our day. We realize that when you get ready to give there are many worthy causes. Thank you for thinking of us and for being an important part of what makes El Paso Children's a special place.