Miracle Balloon Campaign

Watch the video above to understand how Children's Miracle Network Miracle Balloons Make a difference $1 at a time. 

Your business or organization can generate a significant donation for El Paso Children’s Hospital—one dollar at a time—by participating in the Miracle Balloon program. Miracle Balloons are a fun, simple way to involve your employees, members and/or customers in a fundraising effort for El Paso Children’s Hospital.

Best of all, every dollar raised in El Paso stays in El Paso to support sick and injured children right here at home.


Just like Andrea Valdivia, our 2019 Miracle Child, somewhere, right now, a cashier is asking her customer, "Would you be willing to donate a dollar for Children's Miracle Network?" Please say "'Yes, of course!" Sick and injured kids at El Paso Children's Hospital, thank you and we do, too!

MIracle Balloons


CMN Alexa and Veronica



If you are interested in the Miracle Balloon program benefiting El Paso Children’s Hospital or need more paper icons for your campaign, please contact Alexa Velasquez, CMN Program Manager at 915-521-7229, ext. 80526, avelazquez@umcelpaso.org or Veronica Lucero-Drennan, Assistant Program Manager, ext. 80529, veronica.lucero-drennan@umcelpaso.org.