Miracle Balloon Campaign

Make a difference one dollar at a time.

Your business or organization can generate a significant donation for El Paso Children’s Hospital—one dollar at a time—by participating in the Miracle Balloon program. Miracle Balloons are a fun, simple way to involve your employees, members and/or customers in a fundraising effort for El Paso Children’s Hospital.

Best of all, every dollar raised in El Paso stays in El Paso to support sick and injured children right here at home.

Somewhere, right now, a cashier is asking her customer, "Would you be willing to donate a dollar for Children's Miracle Network?  

Here’s how the program works.

1. A typical Miracle Balloon campaign runs for thirty days.
2. Select an employee coordinator for your company’s campaign to organize the program, monitor the balloon sales and encourage 100% participation in the sale of balloons.
3. To help increase Miracle Balloon sales, we encourage you to incorporate the program into other special events—such as fundraisers, grand openings or special sales, as well as employee or member recognition and team-building activities.
4. Each paper Miracle Balloon sells for $1 at your checkout counter. The purchaser can sign his or her name on the balloon to show support for your commitment to the community and to El Paso Children’s Hospital.
5. The UPC-coded balloons can be scanned through the register for collection and accounting of the funds raised. Every dollar donated then becomes a direct contribution from the participating location to El Paso Children’s Hospital.
6. We encourage you to prominently display the balloons on your walls, ceiling, windows and doors throughout the campaign to increase awareness and generate excitement around the program.
This program is offered at no cost to your business and is supported by your local Children’s Miracle Network Representative.

The following materials and services may be included with the program:
•  Campaign kit containing: your choice of 1,000 Miracle Balloons or other paper icons, including Snowmen, Footballs and Hearts; a promotion announcement poster; and buttons for employees/members
•  Calendar announcement of your campaign on the official El Paso Children’s Hospital and El Paso Children's Foundation web sites
•  Recognition in the El Paso Children’s Hospital newsletter for Children’s Miracle Network
•  Hospital tour for you and your company employees
•  El Paso Children’s Hospital Children’s Miracle Network presentation at employee meetings

If you are interested in the Miracle Balloon program benefiting El Paso Children’s Hospital or need more paper icons for your campaign, please contact Alexa Velasquez at 915/521-7229, ext. 80526.