Safety in every dose.

Dedicated tests and treatments for each child's needs.

Pediatric Pathology and Laboratory Services

Pathology lab, miracle child
Diagnostic tests and treatments are different, too. Kids have smaller blood cells, so their lab work looks different. They also have less blood—the test analyzer used at El Paso Children's is chosen based on its ability to receive the best results from the smallest samples of blood to help a child avoid possible multiple draws.

The staff has extensive training in pediatric phlebotomy and communicate with each child according to their age while empathizing with the fears of their small patient and their parents. For a large number of tests, a simple finger or heel stick is sufficient to obtain a sample.  When a veinipuncture is necessary, a Butterfly needle, the smallest and most comofortable needle available is used whenever possible.

Board Certified Pediatric Pathologists, pediatric certified lab technicians and phlebotomists provide around-the-clock pathology and clinical laboratory services, including:


  • Anatomic pathology supported by onsite electron microscopy, immunosytochemistry and molecular pathology
  • Hematopathology - a full-time hematology board certified hematopathologist with an experienced and specialized technologist team provide a full, efficient, high quality, and comprehensive service for the diagnosis of malignant and benign hematopoietic disorders in children. The sercie includes detailed morphologic evaluation, comprehensive panel of special stains, and sophisticated cytometric analysis.
  • Histology
  • Cytology
  • Hematology
  • Transfusion Medicine
  • Blood Bank

Pediatric Pharmacy

While many adult hospitals have a pharmacy department, they aren't designed with kids in mind.  Because El Paso Children's only sees children, a number of safety measures are in place to address a child's unique needs from wee patients, only a few pounds, to eighteen year olds near adult size.  Dosage safety is a top priority. 

Kids aren't mini-adults who can simply take smaller doses of adult medication.  A child's body is less developed.  An adult medication could not only interact very differently on a child, but can cause serious side effects. 

Since many medications are manufactured in adult dosages, our board certifed pediatric pharmacists work closely with each patient's physician to customize medications for children by determining the right dose, frequency and type of medication based on a child's weight, metabolism and rate of development, even adding cherry or chocolate to make a medication easier for a child to take.

Donors Make a Difference in Pathology

Accuscope Dual Multi-viewing Microscope $4,558

To meet the needs of today's demanding clinical laboratories, this dual microscope provides the performance required for routine analysis in pathology, dermatology, histology and cytology applications.

The modular configuration allows for customization of the microscope to add up to 4 additional view heads.


Donors Make a Difference in the Lab

ROTEM Hemostatis Bleeding Management System - $69,700

For children suffering from trauma, medical emergencies or undergoing surgery every minute counts, this essential piece of medical equipment provides critical information to quickly analyze bleeding in children with near real time results compared to a traditional hematology test which can take 40 minutes or more.  For children with cancer, the ROTEM helps determine how to manage blood given to children with cancer (reducing the need for and inherent risks of blood transfusions) and contributes to the detection, diagnosis and treatment of hematologic and platelet disorders impacted by chemotherapy treatment.  Over 3000 children annually are impacted by the ROTEM.

$50,000 of this equipment was grant funded. The balance was funded by Children's Miracle Network.

Sweat Check Analyzer for Cystic Fibrosis - $1,945

A simple, reliable Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis resulting that even makes neonatal testing easy.  Children with Cystic Fibrosis live longer if they are diagnosed early.  To prolong lives this requires testing a lot of children with slightly suggestive symptoms. 

This equipment has been proven to provide results every bit as reliable as thr traditional analysis looking for the CF markers of sodium or chloride.

Clinitek Advantus Analyzer and Centrifuge - $12,003

The Clinitek Advantus Urine Chemistry Analyzer provides automated reading of a family of urinary tests: leukocyte, nitrite, protein, blood, glucose, ketone, bilirubin, urovilinogen, pH, specific gravity, creatinine, and protein to creotinine ratio.





Wescor Macroproduct - $4,940

Sweat inducer and sweat collector that have revolutionized the diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis.



 Hematek Slide Stainer - $7,895

This hematology analyzer provides semiautomated slide staining of up to 60 slides per hour.

The system helps maximize productivity and delivers quality results through a continuous-feed loading platform that eliminates wasted time associated with batch staining methods.

Blood Bank Refrigerator - $6,564


Cold storage equipment designed specifically for protecting precious samples, and meeting the strict requirements for storage of whole blood and blood components.




Biofire Film Array Torch Analyzer, $141,875

The first instrument of its kind in the El Paso community, the analyzer provides viral and microbiology testing to meet a higher standard of testing for infectious diseases. Funded by El Paso Children's Foundation, this new testing machine puts test results into the hands of patients much faster. It can test for 17 different viruses, bacteria and fungus with results in two hours or less. 1,300 patients will be helped every year.

Laboratory Worktable, $2,714.23
pediatric laboratoryThe Laboratory worktable withstands the weight to hold instrumentation for Strep A molecular testing analyzers and provides enough space for proper testing conditions. The height can be adjusted but will not move from side to side once set in place. The worktable can be cleaned with harsh disinfectants, vital in preventing contamination.



Nine (9) Zebra Label Printers with Thermal Paper, $4,041
pediatric laboratory22,000 patients will be impacted annually with this printer whose purpose will allow for a safer process for the collection of laboratory samples in the Pediatric Emergency. Each printer will be placed in one of the patient rooms in Emergency to generate labels a the patient's bed side for labelling of lab samples. 




Donors Make a Difference in the Pharmacy

DoseEdge & IV Camera - $60,425

DoseEdge Workflow Manager automates the process of routing, preparing, inspecting, tracking and reporting on IV and oral liquid doses.

By providing bar code based dose traking for the entire dose preparation and dispensing process, both patient-specific and stock doses, the DoseEdge helps dose preparation safety, even alerting technicians to potential errors before they happen.

 Lionville Medication Cart - $3169

Located within the clinic, pharmacy staff can deliver chemotherapy medications to the clinic and have a secure place to store these medications until time of infusion.






Pharmacy Refrigerator - $2772

The self-monitor refrigerator can dial out or page someone when the refrigerator experiences any out of the ordinary problems. 








Five (5) Decision Tree Technologies Portable Label Printers, $12,353.55Portable Label Printers for EPCH Laboratory

Nearly 22,000 patients will benefit yearly from the purchase of these portable computers and printer system that allows for a more efficient and safe manner of collecting blood samples by the patient's bedside on various nursing floors. 




POCone Infrared Spectrophotometer, $12,800
POCone EPCH Laboratory


The purchase of the POCone provides for onsite testing for the diagnosis and treatment of Gastrointestinal infection by H.pylon. POCone gives prompt in-house results. 




For more information on donor opportunities that impact our community's  most vulnerable population can email or click here to or register here.