Name a NICU Pod

El Paso Children's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), located on the 6th floor of the El Paso Children's Hospital, features a state-of-the-art environment for some of the hospital's most fragile patients with 52 critical care beds in a special environment for infants up to three years of age.

Scientific research shows that low-light, quiet and privacy supports a baby's overall brain development, physiological stability and aids in the development of a regulated sleep and wake cycle.

The NICU healing environment uses specialized flooring and ceiling tiles to reduce noise.  Soothing, indirect lighting promotes healthy brain development. 

Designed to provide a home-like setting so Moms and Dads can be by their new baby's side at all times, the NICU is home to many babies for weeks and months at a time until they can go home.

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NICU Bassinette Pod - $10,000

Many donors spread their pledges over several years.  For more information on arrangement of gift terms regarding a patient room or other key naming opportunities at El Paso Children's contact Dennece Knight at 915/521-7229, ext. 80521 or