Corner Store Location In El Paso Among Top Three CMN Fundraisers In The U.S.

This year, Corner Store in El Paso just made a big difference for sick and injured kids at El Paso Children’s Hospital.

Employees and customers at all 43 locations in El Paso completed their annual four week fundraising balloon campaign which raised $75,813.34 for Children’s Miracle Network to benefit El Paso Children’s Hospital. The fundraising campaign ran from April 1st through 30th in all El Paso locations.

“I want to thank the people who come in and help out," said Chris Frechette, Store Manager at the North Zaragoza and Tierra Este in the far east side of El Paso. "It’s a good cause to help the kids that are less fortunate than us.”

Alexa Velazquez, Program Manager for Children’s Miracle Network received the surprise that this location was not only the top fundraiser in El Paso, but also achieved third place in the nation. “The power of one dollar now becomes a reality, because this donation now represents a critical piece of medical equipment for our sick kids here in El Paso,” said Velazquez.

This was the 17th year that Corner Store has been a Children’s Miracle Network partner.

Corner Store employees accepted donations at cash registers and through other in-store fundraising activities with the participation of our local Miracle Children to collect $75,813.34 one dollar at a time. 

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