San Antonio In Home Health Care Owner Donates $25,000


San Antonio In Home Health Care Owner Donates

$25,000 to El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundation


El Paso, Texas (July 31, 2020) – One of El Paso Children’s Hospital’s most critical rooms, the Department of Radiology Reading Room, will now dawn the name of San Antonio In Home Health Care and owner Jose J. Nunez.


Jose J. Nunez, born in Chihuahua and raised in the Lower Valley of El Paso, has a big heart for kids and for this reason, chose to donate $25,000 to help children in the community he calls home.  “Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s not how much you give but how much love we put into giving, for the kids, our tomorrow,” says Jose J. Nunez.


The Radiology Reading Room is the hospital’s conclusive diagnostic area providing the setting for the utmost specialized readings for children in our region.  The Department of Radiology provides multiple exams that include ultrasound, X-Ray, fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine, MRI, echocardiograms, EKGs and stress tests just to name a few.  The Radiology Reading Room also provides a teaching environment for residents.


Dr. Chetan Moorthy, Medical Director of Radiology at El Paso Children’s Hospital, is one of two pediatric radiologists serving children in a 350-mile radius.


“The board-certified pediatric radiologists in the Department of Radiology are committed to the highest-quality imaging. In addition, we are the only group in the region offering advanced Cardiac Imaging, Pediatric Interventional Services and Advanced Neuroimaging. Our child-friendly environment helps put your child at ease.  This donation only helps to emphasize the importance of having a dedicated children’s hospital for the pediatric population of El Paso.” Said Dr. Moorthy, Medical Director of Radiology and Interventional Services



 “I am excited to thank Jose Nunez & San Antonio in Home Health Care for their dedication to our children in the region. This donation will enable El Paso Children’s Hospital to continue to build programs so that all our children are treated right here in our region.” Said Cindy Stout, President and Chief Executive Officer.


“I am thankful to El Pasoans who may no longer live here but still help their hometown continue to thrive,” said Estela Casas, Executive Director of El Paso Children’s Hospital and UMC Foundation. “The funds provided today will have a lasting impact on El Paso Children’s Hospital and the community’s pediatric population.”