Becton Dickinson Donates $15,000 to Help Purchase Bronchoscopes

Becton Dickinson Donates $15,000 to El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundation to Help Purchase Bronchoscopes for El Paso Children’s Hospital Patients with COVID-19

El Paso TX (April 9, 2020) Becton Dickinson has donated $15,000 to El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundation to help patients at El Paso Children’s Hospital who are exhibiting respiratory problems due to COVID-19. Two patients under 12 years and four teenagers have tested positive.

Bronchoscopes are used by a pulmonologist who specializes in lung disorders. A bronchoscope is passed through the nose or mouth, down the throat and into the lungs.

“Becton Dickinson is committed to advancing the world of health,” said Enrique Aviles, Vice President  of Manufacturing Management. “Our team is proud to provide funding for El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundation to ensure children in our community are cared for during a time in which our nation is faced with an unprecedented tragedy.”

 “Our foundations are working hard during this crisis to generate donations so our team can continue to provide the best care for children locally,” said Cindy Stout, President and CEO of El Paso Children’s Hospital. “We are grateful to Becton Dickinson who donated a significant amount of funds for much needed bronchoscope equipment, a tool that will be used by our pulmonology team in the endoscopy lab to evaluate patient’s lungs.”

 “We are determined, as a Foundation, to bring in the funds needed to purchase every single bronchoscope required,” said Estela Casas, Executive Director of El Paso Children’s Hospital and UMC Foundation. “This donation by Becton Dickinson is a wealth of help.” To learn more, contact Estela Casas, 915-487-7987,