Sadhana Chheda, M.D. Receives 2018 Dr. Carlos A. Gutierrez Award

This year’s recipient has demonstrated, the dedication and passion that is embodied in this award, this recipient grew up in an accomplished home far, far away. Studied abroad, studied in a different field, and thankfully for us, found an area of passion that dominated an entire career, moxie, serious, calm, grounded, intense, all are words that come to mind, dedicated to family, dedicated to medicine, dedicated to kids, particularly, little ones, born in west Africa, her father was a physician, she received her medical degree from Nigeria, and continued her studies in London, before coming to the us to do her residency in pediatrics at UT Galveston, she is a quadruple threat, the wife of Dr. Chet Morthy, Pediatric Interventional Radiologist and a previous recipient of this award, the dedicated mother of two marvelous children, she is a Board Certified nNeonatologist, and a fellow of the American academy of pediatrics. She was an incorporating member of the board of El Paso Children’s Hospital, she is a member of the Chip Advisory Committee, and the Board of the Texas Perinatal Society, actively involved in CASA and the Center Against Family Violence.