A $45,000 Grant will Paint a Beautiful Picture for Child Life Therapeutic Arts Program

El Paso Children's Foundation received a grant of $45,000 to support El Paso Children's Child Life program. Child Life bridges the gap between home and hospital by helping pediatric patients adapt to the hospital experience. The signature  Therapeutic Arts Program opened in 2012 to help children with cancer cope with extended hospital stays, surgeries and treatment. Therapeutic Arts is funded entirely through grants and donations.

Therapeutic Arts provides pediatric patients with instruction in art media and arts and crafts in groups and at the bedside for children who cannot leave their rooms. Many children face serious illnesses including cancer experience a range of physical and emotional symptoms requiring comprehensive support networks and activities to improve their quality of life both in and out of the hospital. 

The program engages children in ways that de-institutionalize the hospital setting. The art instruction provides a psychological escape from the many traumas, pain and apprehension associated with medical treatments that our pediatric patients face on a daily basis. Improving morale, hope and elevated mood levels, as well as providing coping skills for children in our care is the goal. Each art project is tailored to the specific needs and requests of the child. Trained artists provide art instruction in order to develop each child's natural ability. The ultimate result is an increased quality of life for pediatric patients by encouraging a creative, inspiring and constructive response to their illness.