Alia Rings The No-More Chemo Bell

Alia was playing in school, when she fell and landed on her knee. Her pain was so severe she thought she had broken a bone. Her mother brought her to El Paso Children’s Hospital, also thinking Alia had broken her leg. She thought her daughter would be in a cast for a while. Their lives changed completely when they found out Alia was diagnosed with cancer in her bone.

Soon, Alia began to receive cancer treatment. She couldn’t go to school and she couldn’t play outside.

After 18 months, Alia was declared in remission. The first thing she did when she knew she didn’t have cancer anymore was to ring a special bell located on the seventh floor of El Paso Children’s Hospital. This bell symbolizes no more chemo.“El Paso Children’s Hospital saved my daughter’s life,” said Maria Elena Loera, Alia’s mother.

El Paso Children’s is certified as a Children’s Oncology Group, a member of National Cancer Institute, the world's largest organization that performs clinical research to improve the care and treatment of children and adolescents with cancer.  El Paso Children's COG is one of only 172 certified in the nation.

That means that children right here at home are receiving the best care, the latest research and protocols in a multi-specialty environment designed just for kids.

The good news is that due to the combined research of clinical trials at Children's Oncology Groups, the cure rates for many children's cancers have changed dramatically. Many are up over 80%...acute lymphoblastic leukemia is now over 90%...non-Hodgkin lymphoma is at 85%...and more.

Not only that, but no more long hurried car trips, anxious air flights, expensive hotels, restaurants and cab rides far away from family and friends.

Now the best care is right here at home.

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