El Taco Tote Mexican Restaurant Raised $7,782.00 To Benefit Children's Miracle Network

El Taco Tote Mexican Restaurant just made a big difference for sick and injured children at El Paso Children’s Hospital this year.

Employees and customers of this Mexican food chain from all El Paso locations completed their annual five week fundraising balloon campaign which raised $7,782.00 for Children’s Miracle Network to benefit El Paso Children’s Hospital. The fundraising campaign ran from July 1st through July 31st in all seven Taco Tote locations in El Paso.

“Taco Tote is very grateful with our community”, Said Enrique Bernal, Supervisor of Taco Tote in El Paso. “We knew that by helping sick and injured kids here in El Paso Children’s Hospital is the best way of giving back to our community.”

Taco Tote employees accepted donations at cash registers and through other in-store fundraising activities with the participation of our local Miracle Children to collect $7,782.00 one dollar at a time.


“To Children’s Miracle Network this means that 7,782 people said yes when asked do you donate a dollar to Children’s Miracle Network”, said Dennece Knight, Executive Director of El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundation. “The power of one dollar now becomes a reality, because this donation now represents a critical piece of medical equipment for our sick kids here in El Paso”.