Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

For purposes of infection control and the safety of our patients, In-Hospital Volunteers must:

  • Be over 18.
  • Be able to commit to a mimimum of 100 volunteer hours over 90 days.

Once the completed form is submitted your application will be considered.  Qualified applicants:

  • Will receive an initial phone interview.
  • Will be asked to a personal interview.
  • Will be  required to complete up to date vaccinations.
  • Will be required to take a drug test.
  • Will be asked to give permission for a background check.

In-hospital volunteers provide invaluable services, brighten the morale of patients and families and provide critical assistance to the nursing staff. 

Holiday Support

Name a holiday.  Valentine's Day, Halloween, Easter, Christmas...on each of those days there are kids and families fighting a personal battle on every floor of El Paso Children's Hospital.  

As a volunteer you help bring the holiday to them by decorating floors in a holiday theme or helping the Volunteer Program Manager plan a holiday event appropriate to the needs of each floor. 


 Birthday Brigade

There are lots of birthdays in a Children's Hospital. 

The Birthday Brigade is responsible for gathering a stuffed animal or toy from those donated to the Foundation,  a Mylar balloon, ribbons and patient appropriate treats to make a "Happy Birthday" party moment for our little patients that never planned to spend their birthday in the hospital.

Singing encouraged.  Kazoo anyone?


Crafts in an Hour

Every parent knows what it is like to keep a child busy on bad weather days.  Now imagine long days in the hospital, sitting for hours week after week getting oncology treatments, simply bedridden or recovering and not yet ready to go home.  Eventually, most parents have to go to work.  So some kids spend significant time alone in their room.  Families and nurses alike appreciate the assistance in giving our little friends something fun to do.  The Crafts Committee helps assemble 30 to 50 kits at a time for each designated simple-to-do crafts project, engages the kids and assists them in completing their projects. 

You know you did it right when you see the little patient proudly display their work in their room or present their project to their parent as a gift.

Friends of the Forest

Friends of the Forests get to hang out in the coolest playground ever where the sounds and lights change every twenty minutes from day to night with birds singing, crickets chirping and an occasional elk bugling!

Friends  of the Forest wear special safari vests and hats and are a beloved fixture in the playground, welcoming our little visitors and their families, encouraging safe play and helping to keep families from leaving belongings behind. 

Musical Medicine

Talented pianists share your skills on our upright Steinway in the Lobby and create special moments  of cheer or soothing relaxation for families and friends gathered to support their loved one.

BEAR Reading Hour

BEAR Reading Hour volunteers provide lively, entertaining reading from age appropriate books materials. Volunteers round the floor announcing the upcoming Reading Hour and encouraging patients to participate who are able to leave their beds.  For patients not able to leave their bed, volunteers take book carts room to room to offer family and patients reading materials from the Lending Library.

English and/or Spanish readers welcome!

Family Resource Center Information & Help Desk

"The hospital food is great but we're getting stir crazy.  Is there somewhere close we can go eat?" "We hear there is a zoo.  How do we get there?"
"We would like to attend a church service?  Where is the closest church of our faith?"
"Is there a fax I can use?"
"Do you have a good book for a 12 year old boy?"

Home of an extensive physical library of clinical resource materials, and reading for entertainment in English and Spanish, as well as a Lending Library, the Junior League of El Paso Family Resource Center is a hub of volunteer activity, home of the BEAR Reading Hour and a haven for patients and their families.

This is where you see the military dad with his son pulling an IV pole looking for something good to read. This is where mom rolls in with the toddler in the little red wagon to play a game on one of the Family Resource Center computers. 

Family Resource Center Volunteers are responsible for:

  • Maintaining the library inventory with a simple to use system
  • Coordination with the Foundation grantwriter for additional needed topics and resources.
  • Organization of Lending Library Book Drives to replenish materials.
  • Bringing a welcoming, resourceful, problem solving spirit to this special space.

Bilingual ability a plus.  Lovers of books and libraries welcome!

Clinical Staff Support

Each floor benefits by volunteer assistance with general office support, greeting visitors at the desk, answering the phones, filing, restocking designated areas, sanitizing playroom toys, providing directions, answering questions and other clerical duties that may be unique to each floor.

In-Hospital Volunteer Leaders Needed

For hospital volunteers interested in growth opportunities who want to follow the Leadership Path. In-Hospital Volunteer Leaders:

  • Coordinate duties and needs with the Volunteer Program Manager
  • Train a team of up to six other volunteers in their area of responsibility.
  • Communicate closely with the Nurse Manager to determine appropriate interaction with current population of admitted children. 

All Volunteer Leaders must have completed CORE Skills Training in Communication, Consensus Building, Conflict Resolution and Compassion.